ESTC $91.96 +0.94 (1.03%)

Wed, Feb 20, 2019

Elastic NV is a Technology stock that trades on the NYSE with a market cap of $6.44 Billion

Elastic NV is a search company. It created the Elastic Stack, a powerful set of software products that ingest and store data from any source and in any format, and perform search, analysis, and visualization in milliseconds or less. The company also offers software solutions built on the Elastic Stack that address a wide variety of use cases including app search, site search, enterprise search, logging, metrics, business analytics, and security analytics.

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Elastic NV Stock Charts

The 5 year and 1 year stock charts are below.

ESTC Stock Price

Below are a few key dates for the stock price.

Year To Date


The most recent stock price is $91.96.

The Year To Date (YTD) return is +38.56%.

52 Week Low

Oct 2018

The 52 Week Low stock price is $60.52 set on Fri, Oct 26, 2018 which is 117 days ago.

The current price per share is 51.95% above the 52 week low.

52 Week High


The 52 Week High stock price is $91.96 set on Wed, Feb 20, 2019 which is Today. View all of today's 52 week highs.

All Time High


The All Time High stock price is $91.96 set on Wed, Feb 20, 2019 which is Today.

ESTC Stock Split History

Elastic NV has had 0 stock splits.


Below is the EPS, P/E Ratio and Earnings Date.

The EPS is -$0.63 and the P/E Ratio is 0.

Earnings Dates

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The next Earnings Date is not available at this time.

Elastic NV Dividend

Below is important Dividend information.

ESTC currently does not pay a dividend.

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