The Power Of Big Biogen News

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Probably the biggest story in the stock market today was Biogen.

Biogen Alzheimer's Drug Success

As a result, the stock was up over 19% today.

Fortunately, I bought a few shares on Fri, Mar 16 at $291.

I bought for several fundamental and technical reasons.

Even though the stock is now close to the 52 week high, which is bullish, I decided to sell today and lock in my profits.

Why did I sell?

Simply put, the stock price is near the top of the trading range I highlighted in my previous post.

From a technical standpoint, that made the decision to sell pretty easy while limiting the emotions of fear and greed.

I mentioned the $350 price level and I sold at $355.

Overall, it was a 22% return.

Obviously, this unexpected big announcement caught everyone by surprise.

Fortunately, it was a positive announcement.

If you are new to stock market investing you should be aware that almost all companies report 4 big announcements every year on publicly disclosed dates.

It is called the earnings announcement.

The earnings announcement can move the stock price quite a bit.

So you don't get caught off guard, I highly recommend using an earnings calendar on a regular basis.

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