An Even Faster Costco Credit Card Transaction

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When the insert chip option became available, it was obvious to me that Costco had the fastest credit card transactions.

It was so fast, the first time I used it I didn't think the loud beeping noise for about 10 seconds was telling me to remove my card.

The checker was nice enough to let me figure it out myself.


Oh and the receipt total was higher than expected, like always.

Is it possible to spend less than $100?

Costco recently implemented an even faster option.

At checkout over the weekend, the checker said something like "swipe your card across the screen".

Even though that made sense, I didn't do it.

I gave the card to the checker and he swiped my card across the screen.

I think that's what he told me to do.

A millisecond later, the transaction was approved.

Here's an interesting question.

Why would Costco improve something that is already working great?

"Our aim is that our business remains responsible, resilient and relevant in accordance with our Mission Statement and Code of Ethics."

Mission Statement

To continually provide our members with quality goods and services at the lowest possible prices.

Code of Ethics 

  1. Obey the law
  2. Take care of our members
  3. Take care of our employees
  4. Respect our suppliers
  5. Reward our shareholders

I guess even speeding up a credit card transaction to improve check out experience for members is part of the company mission statement.

Side Note: If anyone from Costco is reading this, I am waiting to hear how removing the Polish Hot Dog helped anyone.

Overall, this is an amazing company.

The stock has been amazing as well.

It hit a new record high again today.

I don't currently own this stock but I have traded it a few times over the past couple years using the highlighted trading range as a guide.

I'm waiting for the price to settle into a trading range again.

I'd like to see some retracement down to $200 or so before jumping in again.

Of course, that may not happen.

What's wrong with this picture?

I'll tell you.

No Polish Hotdog.

I think this important issue is trending. #polishhotdog

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