Fortnite Stock Price (& Can I Use My V-Bucks?)

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Investors like you and me are searching for this exact phrase hoping to cash in on Fortnite Fever.

In fact, "Fortnite Stock Price" gets almost 1,000 searches per month.

Of course, Fornite's creator Epic Games is not publicly traded.

"So how does Tencent stand to gain from the fervor over Fortnite? Simple -- the company owns a 40% stake in Fortnite creator Epic Games, and has developed and recently debuted two similar games in China based on licensed IP from PUBG. Tencent is also seeking government approval to release Fortnite to Chinese gamers."

Before you go out and buy shares of Tencent, check out the 1 year chart.

Spoiler Alert: It is at a 52 week low.

So there's that.

I would wait for a reversal in the downtrend before buying some shares in this $350+ billion market cap company.

By the way, check out their products and services page.

Is it me or does this company look a lot like Google?

Instead of jumping in on that stock, I have a different idea.

There are several stocks that may make more sense right now.

I was looking at these gaming related software stocks today.

Below are a few of the stocks I have been scanning.

Activision Blizzard, Electronic Arts, Microsoft & Take-Two Interactive.

Of the 4, I like MSFT the best for many reasons beyond gaming and that's why I own it.

What's your favorite gaming stock right now?

And does anyone still play HALO 1?

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