8 Best Stocks To Buy Now (Or At Least Add To Your Watchlist)

This is a Post from the Symbol Surfing Blog from Wed, Oct 10, 2018.

Dow Jones Industrial Average -831.83 (-3.15%)

Let's be honest.

On a day like today, most investors are not thinking about buying, just selling.

The last few days have been brutal.

I sold a couple of my profitable long positions Friday to lock in some profits.

I'm glad I did because if I didn't those would be losing positions today.

If you are looking for trading ideas, there are 2 pages of stocks on Symbol Surfing you may want to check out.

52 Week Highs

Did you know that 12 stocks hit 52 week highs today?

8 of those stocks were at record high levels.

BRK.B is in this list and I still own this stock.

Not surprisingly, some of these stocks are utilities.

Stock Market Gainers

In addition, to the record highs, I like to check out the biggest percentage gainers on a daily basis.

Yes, there were stocks that were positive, even today.

CBOE is in this list and I still own it.

These stock market winners are very interesting to me.

Even with the overall market sell-off, these stocks managed to buck the trend and end up positive for the day by 1% to 3%.

What's Next?

If I had to guess...volatility.

I think these stocks are definitely worth looking at though.

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