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Cheap Stocks (Below $20/Share) [25]

A "cheap stock" is not necessarily the same as a low p/e stock.

Price To Earnings Ratio uses the stock price compared to the companies earnings.

As it relates to this list of stocks, cheap is only referring to the price per share by itself.

With $1,000, an investor can buy 100 shares of a $10 stock.

With $1,000, an investor can buy only 10 shares of a $100 stock.

The actual rate of return is the way to determine the best investment.

Even though a $1 move on a $10 stock does not seem like a lot, it is actually a 10% move.

A 10% move in a $100 stock is $10.

So it is all relative.

In general, it is not a good idea to buy a stock solely because of the stock price below $20 per share.

Another type of cheap stocks are penny stocks.

"Penny stock companies are often headed for bankruptcy or are highly overleveraged, because of that investing in penny stocks is risky."

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Cheap Stocks (Below $20/Share) [25]