About Symbol Surfing

    Symbol Surfing is all about helping stock market investors rapidly increase awareness, recognition & understanding.

    In order to accomplish this goal, Symbol Surfing has been set up as a network of stock market Channels.

    Each Channel is based on timely, news-worthy, market-moving headlines and events.

    Many of the Channels include a summary of the symbols on that Channel.

    It may include major events like New All-Time Highs, 52 Week Highs, New Lows as well as Earnings Announcements and Ex-Dividend Dates.

    This combination of events can be very helpful in decision making.

    When a company announced earnings and hits a new high, that is very bullish for the stock.

    Conversely, when a company announced earnings and hits a new low, that is very bearish for the stock.

    Investors can be bullish or bearish on a symbol, industry, sector or the entire market. Bullish refers to a belief that prices are going higher. Bearish refers to a belief that prices are going lower.

    As you're symbol surfing, you'll notice the  comments.

    These are comments related to the Channel or the Symbol which are mailnly based on common sense.

    Within the comments are several tooltips that contain additional related information.

    Now let's go Symbol Surfing! Check out the Uptrending Stocks Channel or the Dividend Stocks Channel.

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