Symbol Surfing began inΒ 2012 as a simple resource for dividend investors who wanted a fast and easy way to keep track of ex-dividend dates.

    As the website grew, Symbol Surfing released 2 apps, Dividend Stocks and Earnings Calendar. Both are free to download.

    Over time, many new features have been added while sticking with the basics.

    Today, Symbol Surfing is a network of over 200 channels organized into multiple categories.

    For example, the Dividends category includes the Ex-Date Calendar, Dividend Aristocrats, Dogs Of The Dow and more.

    The premium plan is ideal for active investors who want to quickly monitor the market and a portfolio effectively.

    Also, traders may find some interesting or obvious opportunities and setups with the prime plan.

    Using Symbol Surfing on a regular basis can reduce research and monitoring time while improving results. It may even help avoid a costly mistake or two.

    Sign upΒ and let's go Symbol Surfing!

    Tom Adishian