Earnings Calendar

    Earnings announcements can create huge price movements for the individual company, industry, sector (and even the entire market for large cap stocks).

    Earnings Yesterday

    How did the market react to the earnings announcement yesterday? Buying, Selling or Holding?

    Earnings Today

    It's happening today. Watch the movement in price up or down after the earnings announcement.

    Earnings Last Week

    These earnings are now behind us, but what happened? Just look at the price change since earnings.

    Earnings This Week

    These symbols are announcing earnings this week. Look at the post earnings move from industry competitors as a weather balloon.

    Earnings Next Week

    This is a risky time to jump in before such a big event. If you already own the stock at a profit, this is not a bad time to sell all or half of your position to lock in profits. If you own at a loss, it's time to make a decision to sell or hold through the earnings announcement.

    Upcoming Earnings Dates

    Watch closely the price movement leading up to the earnings announcement. It could be a foreshadowing for their stock as well as others in the industry.

    Low PE Stocks

    The Price To Earnings Ratio is significantly LOWER than the average of the S&P 500. These symbols are sometimes referred to as "under-valued" or "value traps".

    High PE Stocks

    The Price To Earnings Ratio is significantly HIGHER than the average of the S&P 500. Investors who are bullish believe a high p/e is justified and the stock price will continue to increase. Bearish investors believe a high p/e ratio isn't sustainable especially in the event of bad news or a market downturn.

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    Notice the stock price direction with these symbols as the earnings date gets closer.

    To capture the dividend, the shares must be purchased before the Ex-Date.

    Buyers have pushed these symbols to the top of the 52 week price range.