Below are several ideas.

    Looking for a long term buy and hold? Buy the SPY.

    Check out Warren Buffett's Portfolio.

    If you can't decide on an individual stock, buy an ETF. Some ETFs pay dividends.

    Learn about Sector SPDRs

    Review these stock market terms.

    Browse the Dow 30 channel to see how these worldwide brands are performing.

    Review last year's trading activity. What was the account return?

    Compare Ross vs TJMaxx.

    Sign In and rate 10 symbols buy, sell or hold along with a short note. Check these symbols one time per day.

    Check out these uptrending stocks.

    For each symbol you currently own, do you know your exit?

    Compare AT&T vs VZ.

    Review your winning and losing trades. What did you learn?

    Calculate potential returns with the ROI Calculator.

    We don't have a stock market without the ICE & NDAQ. Take a look at their returns.

    If you have a margin account, be careful.

    Compare Home Depot vs Lowe's.