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    Get More Done In Less Time

    Symbol Surfing is an easy to use application that helps investors & traders save hours of time researching and monitoring symbols.

    There are several categories and hundreds of channels to browse like 52 Week HighsΒ and Dividend Aristocrats. There are tons of investing and trading ideas.

    The focus is on the time-tested basics. Below are a few examples.

    • Market Capitalization and Industry competitors from the Profile tab.
    • Dividend Rate & Dividend History from Dividends tab.
    • Earnings Per Share and Price Change Since Earnings from the Earnings tab.
    • The 52 week high and low and 5 year and 1-year return from the Charts tab.

    Also, you can create 5 of your own channels. Portfolio channel, Notes channel, Buy Ratings channel, Hold Ratings channel and Sell Ratings channel.

    Portfolio Channel

    Add or import your symbols to your private Portfolio channel for fast and easy ongoing monitoring. Now it's easy to stay on top Ex-Dates and Earnings Dates.

    Notes Channel

    Jot down a note on a symbol. It will be there later when surfing your private Notes channel. A great way to learn and track your symbols like leads in a CRM.

    Ratings Channel

    Then apply your own "Buy", "Hold" or "Sell" rating on stocks and ETFs. Then track your results on your private Ratings channels.


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