"I don't know what to do!"

Even experienced investors can panic when there is a correction. Read this short article to determine if you should panic or not.

What is a Correction?

A correction is a stock market term that refers to an usually negative price change of 10% or more from the recent highs.

How Long Is A Correction?

Corrections seem to last too long especially when you own stocks that are falling in value.

Generally speaking, it is a temporary or short-term price decline.

A stock market correction is usually shorter than a bear market or a recession.

Can A Correction Lead To A Bear Market?

The short answer is yes.

A correction could also be simply profit taking or a dip.

Simply put, correction stocks could go lower or could be a buying opportunity.

Stocks In Correction

Hopefully, there are no stocks in the table below.

If there are any stocks below, then these stocks have dropped more than 10% from their highs.

Are there any buying opportunities below?