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52 Week Highs for Mon, Aug 20, 2018

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When a stock hits a 52 week high, that usually means the company is firing on all cylinders.

When looking at today's new highs, it may be tempting to just get in and hope it continues to move higher.

That could definitely be the case and it's a good strategy.

There are a couple of other things to look at before getting in.

If the stock price has made a significant move to get to the new high, sometimes the stock will tend to move only slightly higher, move sideways or even move lower as there is profit taking.

Another way to use 52-week highs, is during or after a major sell of or recession.

Usually, there will not be any 52 week high during this time.

But when the stock market starts to inevitably turn around, this page can be a great resource to get a list of the stocks that were at new highs prior to the downturn.

Those stocks may very well be poised to move higher and quicker than other stocks.

So use the date select menu and select a date and scan the list.

You can use the date select menu in a bull market as well.

Just "go back in time" and look for stocks that hit a new high AND also had profit taking.

Those stocks may be set to make another run at "new" new 52 week high.