Getting Out Of WMT With 11% Profit

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As my fellow Symbol Surfers know, I bought WMT on Wed, May 16, 2018.

Since then, the stock continued to grind higher then Wal-mart crushed their earnings announcement.

Walmart shares soar 9% as earnings top expectations, boosted by 40% US e-commerce sales growth

It's been a few days since and I haven't seen any follow through since the big move which is kinda normal.

I am selling because I want to lock in my profits before the stock price drifts any lower.

"Many investors make the mistake of buying high and selling low while the exact opposite is the right strategy to outperform over the long term."

- John Paulson

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Just because I sold today, does not mean I am going to forget about this stock.

I scan the Dow 30 stocks daily looking for trading opportunities.

If or when there is a decent pullback, maybe to $90, I would like to get back in especially with the holidays coming up soon.

I bought a lot of stuff from Wal-Mart recently and just got my $22.40 Big Fat Check from Ebates.

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Right now get up to 10.0% cash back at Wal-Mart.

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